A Little About Me
Why bother listening to music by someone you don't know? Here are things I find important about myself.


This is my car, Jason. I love this car!

This is my tattoo. I got Gary to sign it before
a show and had it inked before he went on.

These are my dogs, Skyler and Bella. They are pugs.

Most Prized Possessions

Autographed picture of Jarre - Autographed book by Douglas Adams - Trilogy Tuesday pass for Lord Of The Rings - Dragons! - Gargoyles - print autographed by Yes and Roger Dean

Favorite Albums
Jarre - The Concerts In China, Chronologie, Oxygene
Oldfield - Ommadawn, Five Miles Out, Songs From A Distant Earth
Parsons - Stereotomy, I, Robot, Try Anything Once
Krafwerk - Man Machine
bt - Movement In Still Life
Gary Numan - Exile, Jagged, Sacrifice (Dawn)
Tangerine Dream - Tangram, Le Parc, Underwater Sunlight
Favorite Movies
Blade Runner
Lord Of The Rings
What Dreams May Come
The American President
Hi Fidelity
Favorite TV Shows
Anything Star Trek
Anything Stargate
Doctor Who
How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory

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