The Laurie Anderson Tribute

I have a great deal of respect for the works of Laurie Anderson. While these tracks may appear at first glance to parody her, please be aware that it's done out of love. And let's face it, she's really funny and entertaining. That's what I've tried to do here.
Bone Dry - I truly think I nailed Laurie's 'Voice Of Authority' here. The concept may not be well thought out, but I've received chuckles. I'll take 'em.

One Step Beyond

No apologies to anyone. I think this is a truly brilliant idea, and I'm glad I thought of it. I tried to record this as David Van Teighem might have. Of course, he's much more talented than I.
The First Time I met Laurie Anderson - An attempt to parody 'O Superman.'
The One Who Likes Pie - I am especially pleased with how this one turned out, although I've always been a little concerned that Laurie might not like me making light of her journey to the rain forests.

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