The Old Stuff
Everybody has to start somewhere. Here are some of my experiments and learning exercises from various stages

Not Sirius (1989) - My senior class production project. I got an A. Song is patterned after 'Sirius' by APP
The Spy (1990) - Guitar by Mike Anderson
Dreaming Of Being A Whale (Remix) (1997) - One of my first
  experiments with SoundForge. Roger House gave
me a cassette of him and his buddy jamming. I took some
of the bits and put this together.
Gloomy 19th Century Factory (1998) - First experiment with Fruity Loops
Happy Perpetual Motion Machine (1998) - Attempt to recreate the above track when I forgot to save the files
Staple (1998) - Originally, this was filled with samples from Yello. To make it more original, I removed the samples and replaced them with other sounds.
Insert (1999) - More working with Fruity Loops
Headless Horsemen Dub (1999) - My first foray into dub. Inspired by Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow."
Two Hours After The Crazy Dub Party (2000) - A rhythmic exercise.
Freaks (2000) - This was supposed to be a tribute to "The Freaks Come Out At Night" by Whodini. Uhhh...not.

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