The Other Stuff
Demos, remixes, and other stuff you might be interested in.
R5  - Original version. This became R501
Beat Me, Beethoven (ext) - The 12" remix of Beethoven. I'm especially proud of the orchestra break. My dream is to be invited to the MTV Video Music Awards and perform this track with a full orchestra.
  Nasty Words - My favorite song by bt is "Never Gonna Come Back Down." In keeping with my philosophy of parodying those you love the most, I recorded this. Don't pay attention to how bad the vocal is. Focus on the idea.
  Snake (Snake In The Grass 4) - Remixed by Crack Rabbit. Don't ask.
  Snake (Snake In The Grass 5) - Ditto.
  Trump (DJ Countryboy Remix) - Remixed by Craig Shelley.

Trump (Who Know's Mix) -

Crack Rabbit again. Seriously, don't ask.

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