The Core
These are the artists that have most influenced and inspired me. Seek them out. You won't be sorry.

The Big Three
Jean Michel Jarre - French synthesizer maestro. My idol. See one of his concerts for the definition of 'big.'

Mike Oldfield - Much more than just Tubular Bells. Check out Ommadawn, Songs From A Distant Earth, and Voyager.

Alan Parsons - The man who inspired me to become a recording engineer. Every album is a new journey.


The Other Biggies
(alphabetical order)
bt - Skip Ima. ESCM is where he starts finding his groove.
Depeche Mode - Kings of synth-pop, at least through the mid 90's.
Gary Numan - Forget 'Cars,' people. Listen to Exile or Sacrifice for the real deal.
Kraftwerk - Icons, pure and simple
Laurie Anderson - Big Science will never be equalled.
Rush - Wow, a rock group in all this? You bet! Anything up to Counterparts is great.
Tangerine Dream - Pick your favorite era and get it all.
Thomas Dolby - A true artist who appreciates the importance of humor.
Underworld - The most consistantly great techno outfit of them all.
"Weird Al" Yankovic - King of Pop Culture Parody.
Yello - If you don't own at least one Yello album, shame on you.


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